Binary Options Robot: Merits and Demerits

The trading industry is expanding and adapting new ways and technology to increase trade. Recently, binary options robots became the centre of discussion when trading industry noticed their popularity. The set of programs is enormously helping veteran and novice investors to earn a profit.  Coping up with new technology is a great experience and it also teaches investor various new things. Before moving forward, let me clear one important thing to my readers that investing on the back of robot is not the indemnity of 100% profit. Binary options robots are manmade and predict on the previous records of a market so it can play better but not perfect.BINARY ROBOT 17

These Robots can help investors to throw hassle out of trading. The best thing investor realise about the trading robot is their signal service at heart so if you are working with good software it can increase chances of gaining profit.  Always go for that software that generates signals based on standard and recognised technical and analysis techniques.

To trade better with the help of a robot, the investor has to first understand its merits and demerits. Selection of good software is necessary for a way of extracting great profit.

Merits of Trading Robots:

  • If screen starts irritating you and you feel like to get rid off with it without affecting your trade. This is possible now with the help of a trading robot. The software is going to work hard for you at home and you can spend a good time outside. You can schedule other programs because trading robots have only one priority that is to trade: no obligations, no girlfriend and family. It offers 100% commitment to trading.
  • The trading robot trades faster than a human trader. There is no delay in trading; it works immediately on generated signals. Robots always choose the right moment to push on “call” or “put” button at the definite moment when it needs. It means investor’s order will be filled at the accurate price. And it can increase the probability of their profits.
  • Humans are engaged in hundreds of thoughts at the same time and there are lots of emotional swings. And it can be destructive when they get involved in your work. Machines don’t have such problems; as they work on algorithms and calculations. So their decision of trading totally depends on calculation and every time they make a rational decision.
  • The binary options robots are capable of analyzing, monitoring and trading a large number of assets on various time frames. The robots can trade with stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. Few trades’ ends in 30 seconds, while some can last a month.
  • The robots provide better results at taking in context as compared to a human trader. Robots will not hassle with complex information and not struggle to interpret.


Demerits of Trading Robots:

  • Sometimes market reacts opposite to calculation and robots skip the shift that a human trader can easily identify. This can lead to long-term or short-term losses.
  • An investor can face disastrous results if the trading robots are not monitored properly and skip necessary adjustments, if any. It is noticed that software provides a great result for a few years and then its results decline. It is due to its lack of adaptation to change in the market.


  • The automatic software is not capable of analysing and understanding economic news. That can sometimes affect its performance.
  • The robot works on its programming and it doesn’t know how to learn new market tricks. While it is not gaining knowledge and working on previous market data, it can never become a market expert.

Before putting hands in any work, learn and inculcate vast knowledge about it.  That’s the exact point we are trying to depict in above article. Binary options robot is not a bad option of trading. But it works efficiently when you trade wisely and work efficiently with this product.