Human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

After the Binary Options came into existence trading is continuously evolving and reaching new levels. The introduction of robots in the trading world has proven to be a successful experiment. At present, more and more traders are relying on Binary Options Robots. In simple terms, we define Binary options robots as trading programs that trade automatically. These are softwares that analyse Binary options signals and trade robotically in the binary options brokers account.


Is it right to rely on robots in the case of capital investment? Like this question, lots of other questions regarding trading with robots trouble investors’ mind.

Human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion for decades. Despite facing a lot of criticism, the world of robots is emerging and expanding in every possible field. The role of robots in the trading industry has increased over the years.

Binary option is truly a lucrative vocation. It will not come easily to you by any means. Of course, it is easy to play with “call” or “put” on your account.  But how to click them profitably is noticeably more challenging. Once investor believes hard to go ahead and feels discomfort with broker’s transparency. That is the time when an investor can decide to trade with a binary options robot, also known as “bot” or auto-trading software.

What is Binary options robot?

A “bot” is a set of programs that place a trade for investors. It somewhere relates with signal service, but practically both are different things. The trading signals will simply inform you via email or text message and it’s up to you how to react to that information. But in a case of “bot,” it is fully automatic. It generates the signal and places a trade for an investor. Theoretically, while trading, an investor is not in the frame of trade or anywhere near the computer. The investor is free to enjoy a party or to get his/her dear ones out for a date- it all depends on the choice of the investor. The trading robot is doing all hard work back at home or office. It offers liberty to the investor to sit back and eat the fruit of rewards.


It is not as simple as it looks on the paper. Everyone is familiar with the fact that “no one is perfect” and “no one has the power to predict anyone’s future” and, in this way, binary options robot is also not infallible. If facts are to be believed, it will not guarantee investors a long term success if they totally relay on a machine to make money.

Trading robots are valuable assets of trading and investors can extract benefit, if they are familiar with both pros and cons of a machine. Don’t depend on a “bot” entirely, it can save your time but if you want to save your capital keep an eye on the trade.

How it works

“Bot” is a software that operates on complex algorithms and on the assessment of previous records. Using these algorithms and records, software predicts rise and fall of the market.

  • It analyses the market trend in actual time and calculates the price of each trading indicator.
  • It follows the signals and trading system to execute the trade.
  • The indicators provide an auto trading signal: to “put” or “call.”

When investors are trading with “bot” it hardly matters whether they are novice or veteran traders. The software acts same for both. The trading application works on both operating systems Window as well as Mac and also on various mobiles and tablets. An investor has to take great care of selecting robots and signals to trade with. One can rely on a trading robot, but it’s better to keep an eye on what’s going on in your account.