Binary options robot – things to know

Binary Options Robot  is software that offers free automatic trading tool for binary options. It works by connecting broker and the trader in an automated way and also placing trades for you automatically. However you can switch between the automatic and manual mode at any time. The software also uses six different indicators. Trader must login into the binary option robot account. In account options choose the best indicators and binary options signals. After all of this is done you can select options like mode of trade, trading system, expiration, etc.

binary_option_028We tested the thing and were satisfied how it worked and its gain pace. Most of the times, the rate stays around 70% but is dependent on the time you are in the trade. Don’t go with what is told on their homepage. If you are using a 60s expiry time the gain-pace will be around 30% to 50% which will increase as the expiry time is bought below 60s. With that said you will win 4 trades in every 6 trades. However the wins based on the indicators are not reliable during major events. One can recommend this software because of its high win rate.

Systems for automatic trading

The software offers trader with three different systems for the automatic trading option listed below.

Classic System: trades the same amount every time whether you win of loose.

Martingale system: using such a system every loss increases the amount of your trade however this won’t go on indefinitely but will come back to the original value after you win for the first time again.

Fibonacci system: increase after a win decrease after a loss.

Advantages of Binary Options Robot

If you are an experienced trader you know that not many auto traders are truthful and open about their methods and indicators used in generation of signals. In that respect the software stands tall. It’s really transparent and open system. This lends the trader a support towards any wider strategy that they can or may want to plan.

The next in line is the ease of accessibility and its quick installation time. Once you start using it you will say that it’s made for beginners because of its useful and friendly interface. This is what other softwares will not provide you with where you will have to assign each trade its special window e.g.


It also gets easily adapted towards of any planned strategy. It also works under flexible market conditions. Once you start using it you can leave it at your computer running and go on carrying your own work.


When one talks about this software’s beneficial edge, the advantages are galore. Apart from various essential and helpful indicators one gets to deal with, the robot simplifies the process with ease for a trader. As a trader you get options to trade through signals or other one to combine signals with your own strategies which might include implementing trading trends or waiting for confirmations from candlestick pattern.

There are two phases of a coin. Same way, the binary robot has a downside too. The robot trades purely from technical indicators. This means that there remains a shortage of human instinct in the trading strategy. A Robot does not take in account aspects like choppy markets, market reversals, major news releases and candlestick patterns. This indicates that one cannot simply expect to get a win rate more than 70-75% with the Robot system. This estimate is true even if trader goes with the longer expiry times. Another disadvantage that comes with robots is that they work on several brokers. Each of these brokers provides their specific useful feature for traders which mean that you won’t miss out on much of trading.